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Top 5 Reasons To Date a personal computer Geek

From the the days when having an extreme interest in computer systems and innovation was considered a bad thing.  We never ever understood just what those men in my own senior school happened to be undertaking, hunched over their particular old school mac personal computers and talking about RAM.  It seemed like a foreign vocabulary therefore nerdy!  Fast forward many years, and men that happen to be contemplating techy, computer things have popular as there are only anything about those alleged “nerds” that a lot of women can’t get an adequate amount of, such as me!  What can we state, We have a weakness for a person who knows their method around a tough drive and contains their means with HTML.  Listed here are my leading five reasons why you should date a pc geek…and i will know, I’m dating certainly my own!

1. He is able to correct every little thing.  It is specially helpful for females at all like me that a tendency to break situations quite a bit ???? .  But discover finished ., no matter if he does not can fix something-for instance, your car or notebook, he’ll google it until he’s blue in the face.  He’s going to pull-up tutorials on Youtube, download step by step pdfs, and get the work accomplished.  A personal computer nerd wouldn’t say “I’m not sure how to do that…”, he constantly figures it out-and that sort of dedication is fairly really gorgeous.

2. He has their hands regarding heartbeat of society. I start thinking about me a rather Internet smart girl and a complete social media addict. Pc geeks go on it one step further though.  They know what web pages to visit as soon as, when it comes to best and the majority of updated information.  My sweetheart continuously g-chats me backlinks through-out the day of splitting news stories that i’ven’t actually been aware of, no matter if i am closed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which i have always been! I’ll most likely never understand how he does it, but I anticipate my gchats everyday.

3. They do not need continuous interest.  You understand how some dudes require non-stop compliments and interest?  Perhaps not computer geeks. They’ve learned to play by themselves, that will be fantastic if you want getting your personal stuff done!   These craigslist gay guys will be the happiest when it’s merely  all of them, some songs as well as their external hard disk drives.  Hmm..that seemed quite dirtier than I supposed!  You’ll not have to continuously host them-they will not use up all your items to explore on line.

4. You might never wander off.  2-3 weeks before, my sweetheart required on a birthday visit to san francisco bay area.  We’d little idea which place to go to eat, to shop, to explore and did not perform a lot thinking ahead of the time.  I became quite worried that people’d overlook some very nice places, not whatsoever!  He simply busted out their new iphone, google maps, yelp, urban scoop and navigated you across town like he was my personal personal concert tour manual.  It had been so fun, and I also thought very dealt with.  If you are going to do this though and exclusively rely on portable innovation, be sure you seize the phone charger on your way out the door.

5. Might constantly get a whole lot.  Before I started internet dating my personal sweetheart, I found myselfn’t the largest enthusiast of internet shopping.  It seemed a pain into the butt and much more expensive as soon as you factored in shipping and that I enjoyed the moment gratification obtain from strolling into a store and walking out with something new.  My boyfriend launched us to the world of Ebay (yes, I’dn’t used Ebay before, do not determine), doing a search online for coupon codes for discounts and free shipping, and showed me personally the beauty of reading reviews-now we browse product reviews on anything before I purchase it, it really is newer and more effective strange addiction.  Sure, i would have to hold off several days for the mail to-arrive but i have saved so much money since I started making use of his little secrets that I’ll never get back to my personal outdated shopping practices!

 Have you dated some type of computer geek?