About me

My first memory of film was as child, I used to set up the projector with my grandfather and watch his 8mm films. He introduced me to his old camera equipment and taught me how film works.

Born in the USSR, growing up in Egypt and living in England my family and background have given me a very diverse perspective on the world. I aim to create films tell stories, encourage diversity and broaden views.

I am thrilled by the challenge of using lighting, composition and camera motion to tell a story. I have worked on two feature films, thirty short films and won an award for a self-directed short film at the Unchosen Film Festival.

I have been very lucky to work with passionate writers and directors, who introduced me to many characters and narratives. I have just finished as DOP on the feature film ‘Subject’, a psychological thriller, this film allowed me to test many new and traditional techniques of visual storytelling.

I believe that the role of a filmmaker is to convey a story that will broaden the expectations and experience of the audience. Film-making has given me an opportunity to take audiences into the lives of other people, countries and even universes.