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Anya Krasnikova

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Born in the USSR, grew up in Egypt and now based in the UK. I have met many amazing people and gained an enormous respect and passion for their stories. This is why it is important to stay true to the story when working out the lighting, camera moves and composition.

Over the last ten years I have shot a number of narrative, documentary and promotional films. I have been able to share this experience by lecturing cinematography at Brighton Film School, Ravensbourne University and London South Bank University. 

I have recently completed my second feature film ‘All Those Things’, directed by George Ravenscroft, a psychological drama exploring the mental state of loneliness. It was a real collaboration with the director in pre-production, on set and in post.  The subject matter of ‘All Those Things’ required a very good relationship between director of photography and the lead actor. Often the camera was extremely close during emotional scenes, and for those to work there had to be real trust.